Scope For AME

As a career Point of view, the scope of aircraft maintenance engineering is on boom in India now days. There is a wide scope for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME). The reason is quite simple. The aviation sector in India is expanding rapidly. Every year airline companies are buying new planes and adding more air routes to the sky. The aviation sector is developing faster than ever in India. It earns huge profit, so there is huge demand of more aircrafts. As a result the companies looking for young, energetic and dynamic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India. Nowadays, people prefer to travel by aeroplane than ship. So, the number of travellers who are travelling by flights Aircraft Maintenance engineering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering could be an exciting career if you are passionate, enthusiastic and looking for something different other than the conventional course like Engineering, Bachelor Degree Courses, etc. 

Aircraft Maintenance engineering is a job profile with a great sense of responsibility and high dignity. Thus we can say that it is an interesting area of work and interesting area of study. Anyone interested in being creative at their work can opt this course and can fulfill their dreams to achieve heights he/she dreamt to be. 

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is basically a person licensed by DGCA, Govt. of India to Carryout and certifies the maintenance of Aircraft, Aircraft Engine, and Its Component. The license is issued in accordance with the Rule 61 of Aircraft Rule 1937 under Aircraft Act, 1934 (XXII of 1934) passed by Indian Parliament to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft before its flying in accordance with the national & international aviation standards. The Aircraft maintenance engineer is the one who is responsible for all the technical activities around the ground operation of aircraft for keeping the aircraft in perfect flying conditions by its maintenance as per the manufacturer maintenance schedules. 

In other words, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the sole responsible person for the maintenance and overhaul of aircraft, aero engine, instruments, electrical and radio equipment and their accessories. The duty of an AME is to ensure that the Aircraft is in a fit to fly condition before it takes off the ground. No aircraft can take off without clearance certificate from qualified and licensed Maintenance Engineers. 

increasing at a faster rate. This makes a huge demand of new aircraft to compensate the huge traffic at airport. Apart from the Indian companies, foreign companies also jumped into this sector and earning a handsome profit.