Telangana State Aviation Academy


In the city of Pearls, Telangana State Aviation Academy formerly Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy has been spreading the rays of brightness in the sky of Aviation Industry since 1932 and is a Pioneer in Training Pilots This academy has spread its branches of technical training into Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and producing qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

The academy is making the dream of the aspirants of the flying come true by training them to the best standards. In this tempore we have been winning ‘The Best Aviation Academy’ award for the past 8 consequent years from ‘Aero Club of India’, ‘Ministry of Civil Aviation’, New Delhi and we are standing No. 1 in India.

As said ‘achievers don’t expose themselves but their achievements exposes them’ We feel proved that we are on the higher heights in flying and training the highly aspired and passionate students to make their career professionally sound, with the pioneer academy of India.

‘The aero plane stays up because it doesn’t have time to fall’
‘The engine is the heart of an airplane but the pilot is its soul’

The students of the academy are here with a slogan ‘come to learn and go to serve’. The college dedicates itself in the service of the Nation commits itself to impart quality training to the young aspirants and turn them into competent, efficient and skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineers on whom the Civil Aviation Industry globally can depend and be proud of.

‘The secret of happiness is freedom the secret of freedom is courage’

I’m confident that, with the integrated efforts of the highly experienced faculty members of Telangana State Aviation Academy in co-ordination with the Government of Telangana will be able to produce quality Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

‘Work to become, not to acquire’

As an optimist my opinion is that the open air policy of Govt. of India and the increase in global travel may lead to the Airline services expansion day by day , creating a vacuum for qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and the career opportunities in the aviation industry will continue to grow exponentially

‘There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings’

If you are confident to become to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, We welcome you to join this course for a prosperous and bright future

We are inviting you into a profession of Piloting whose heights are above the imagination and on the top of the World, where everything becomes small to you at your heights, which asks to be a Captain to lead them and asks you to make them see the World as they wish to see.

‘Talent hits a target……………… one else can hit
Genius hits a target………………….no one else can see’

As a Pilot we need you to be talented & Genius and as an Engineer we need you to be creative in making the safe landings and take offs.

Category of Approval:-  B1.1 (Aeroplane turbine) B2 (Avionics)


Old Airport

Road, New Bowenpally, Hyderabad-500011.


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