Wingsss College of Aviation Technology


(Approved by DGCA Govt. of India)

Globalization & liberalization has many faces. One of them is Aviation market, which is growing at a rapid pace, new aircrafts are being inducted into service, more air routes are being opened and open sky policy has encouraged new operators. Private & Civil Airlines are catering to the interim of country and also operating overseas augmenting their existing fleet. This phenomenal growth in aviation industry in India has resulted in developing a huge market for civil and private airlines.

This in turn is creating a great demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers for maintaining and servicing of the fleet. Realizing the fact, education is the only media through which technological requirements of the nation are fulfilled; Chairman Mr. Anshul Sharma founded the Wingsss College of Aviation Technology (WCAT) at Warje, Pune in 2006. WCAT is a widely applauded as an ideal, modern institution in the field of aviation science, and has been set up to bring about a Quantum improvement in the standards of Aircraft Maintenance. The WCAT is not only building up skill, attitude and work ethics among the students but also teaching the value of hard work for developing confidence in their ability to take care of themselves.

Category of Approval:-  B1.1 (Aeroplane turbine) B2 (Avionics)



Shastri Campus, S.No. 85,

NDA Road, Shivne, Pune-411023.


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